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I don’t like when girls come for me - Osimhen

Nigerian Super star and Napoli forward, Victor Osimhen, discussed about his preference in women. The father of one, stressed that industrious and competent women is what he prefers.

“A lot has happened in my love life and everything but then I have a daughter now so I think she gets all the love now,” he told YouTuber Korty eo.

“In that aspect, I’m disciplined because I don’t want to just have kids all over the place. You know we have to be careful some they want like flock around you because of what you can offer them financially. you guys give yourself brains. When you slack, these people will take advantage of you.”

He added, “I don’t like when girls come for me. I want to like see a girl [and go] ah this girl makes sense like okay now make I approach now this one. I like this type of thing, not the other way around.”

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