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We don’t have a national team – former Nigeria defender

A former captain of Enugu Rangers and the Nigeria national team Chukwu Christian, has raises concerns about the lack of a coordinated national team in a true assessment of the current state of Nigerian football.

The first Nigerian captain to lift the African Nations Cup trophy after a 3–0 victory over Algeria in the final of the 1980 tournament in his remarks underscore the challenges in establishing a consistent and recognizable lineup for the Nigerian national football squad in preparation for the AFCON competition coming up early next year.

Chukwu started his coaching career in Lebanon in the mid-1990s, before being appointed coach of the Kenya national team in 1998.

A defender in his playing days who also captained the Nigeria national team to its first win in the African Nations Cup begins by expressing his doubt about the absence of a well-defined team identity for Nigeria’s national football team. “I’m not a soothsayer, but what I’m telling you is that we don’t have a team,” he said.

The former kenya national team head coach asserted that unlike in the past, where one could easily name the players forming the core of the team, the present scenario is marked by constant changes and a lack of continuity.

 “Nobody can come out now and say, this is Nigeria’s national team,” he emphasizes.

Like before, where we could name the starting lineup of the super eagles with our eyes closed. The present situation is a total different scenario which involves continuous changes with new players being introduced regularly making it challenging for fans and observers to anticipate the lineup or identify a stable starting XI for the national team.

 “Today you get new players, tomorrow you find players, next tomorrow you find different players,” he added.

This continuous cycle according to him creates uncertainty and contributes to the absence of a stable and consistent national football squad.

The former Nigeria international expresses an extensive concern about the overall sense of nationality within the team. “So we don’t have a national team,” Chukwu concludes.

While Chukwu Christian refrains from making predictions about the team’s success or failure, he draws attention to the critical issue of team cohesion and stability.

His insights raise important questions about the direction of Nigerian football and the necessity of establishing a more structured and consistent approach to player selection and team formation.

As discussions about the future of Nigerian football continue, Chukwu Christian’s perspective serves as a thought-provoking commentary on the challenges faced in building a cohesive and recognizable national team identity.

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